Bipasha Basu, the hot bombshell of B-town is in an experimental frame of mind these days or so it seems, at least from her professional point of view.

Bipasha Basu, who is well-known for her sex appeal and her gracious charm has been seen in two completely different genres of films, off late. She has done Lamhaa, where her character was of a simple young Kashmiri girl who gets into the realm of a political drama. Her role was quite a contrast to the usual glamor oriented ones that she has done in several films. Rather, Bipasha appeared in a total de- glam role in this flick and it was well appreciated too.

Recently, she was seen in the flick Aakrosh, and here too she played a non-glamorous role. As her fans were getting used to see her in this new avatar, there has been some news circulating in the media about her bagging a great international project with Oscar winning director Roland Joffe. The movie will see her starring opposite talented actor Josh Harnett. Reports are that she is to have a few steamy scenes with her co-star in the film.

Now reports are that Bipasha has confessed to a top news magazine that she is looking forward to enact the role of Draupadi, the wife of the fivePandavas from the epic Mahabharata. Well, this could really mean that her fans will get to see a lot more of the versatile actress and in this role of Draupadi she really could be one of the best stars to have ever enacted the part!


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