We have heard many times about the alleged break up of Bollywood’s hot couple Bipasha Basu and John Abraham, since they started dating eight years back. Same kind of buzz was doing the rounds in last few days too but Bipasha had to come again to make clear that they are still together.

Bipasha has now got used to such rumours and does not bother much about it. She says that people must have got bored of her and John, so they keep coming with such gossips. The Bong beauty says that they have turned very boring as a couple as they are not offering any spicy stories to the media. They could not be melodramatic, so media is not getting any hot news to write on them, she added.

The 32-year old dusky beauty jokingly says that such rumours of break-up will continue to arise until she and John jump off a cliff holding hands. Basu says that will offer a melodrama to write about them.

Recently, the couple were not spotted together at any social events, so the speculation turned stronger. However, it seems the couple will not break their strong pillar of faith and will continue to be with each other till the end.


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