Dolly Bindra, the wild card entrant of ‘Bigg Boss 4’ has been elected as the new captain of the house for this week. Bigg Boss asked Dolly to suggest two names for the next captain and she gave her and Veena Malik’s name.

Veena and Dolly seems to have developed a close chemistry so Veena was asking everyone to vote for Dolly because she does not want to take the responsibility of being the captain. Finally, Dolly gets all the votes except that of Manoj Tiwari and she eventually becomes the new captain for the week. Khali hands over the keys of the deluxe room to Dolly and she announces that this week everyone can prepare food of their choice in the kitchen.

Now, the challenge for Dolly starts because she has been the most unruly person during the captaincy of Shweta Tiwari even if she nominated Shweta for the same. She was the mastermind in breaking the rules of Bigg Boss house and thus proving Shweta to be a failed captain. Shweta has jokingly said that she will take revenge from Dolly now.

The problem has started from the first day itself because Shweta and Sara Khan were seen complaining Dolly about the dirty kitchen. Dolly allowed everyone to prepare their food and taking this opportunity all the house members were entering the kitchen and making it dirty. Now, Dolly will feel the true pressure and it will be interesting to see how she manages the housemates.

We have seen a totally changed Dolly Bindra after she returned back as a wild card entrant. The loud and abusive Dolly went missing and she was begging pardon from Shweta for her rude behavior during her previous stay at Bigg Boss house.

So, will this sober and understanding Dolly be able to keep everyone under her control or all of them will try to take benefit of her docile side now?

Keep watching ‘Bigg Boss 4’ in Colors to see the latest developments and the elimination tonight.

–Rituporna Nath/Sampurn Wire


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