The ‘Bigg Boss Season 4′ has been a real roller coaster ride for the inmates with every moment being different and more intriguing than the previous one. Along with the inmates, even the viewers are always kept on their toes with all the back biting, fights, arguments counter questioning, suspicion looming large between all the inmates.

Thus, when it comes to the nominations and thereafter the evictions, there is always an element of tension amongst the inmates with each one having the wish of watching a particular member eliminated amongst the nominated ones.

Each person has a different reason for their choice of the inmate to be evicted. All this leads to a kind of undercurrent of tensions and uncertainties amongst the inmates which continues throughout the week.

This week saw the elimination of the quiet and seemingly calm  Aanchal Kumar. She was evicted out of the house and just before her eviction Ali Merchant who had tied the knot with Sara just a day back was asked to leave the house quietly as he was just a guest and not a participant in the show.

But why was Aanchal Kumar evicted? is it due to the fact that the audiences don’t find her as interesting as the others on the show? Have the audiences got bored of the miss prim and proper Aanchal Kumar?

Well, the fact that one has to be entertaining enough to keep the audience’s attention fixed on them is just an understatement, so probably Aanchal was too predictable on the show and a tad too diplomatic! Thus, it is needless to say that while in the Bigg Boss house one just has to be dramatic! Or else the audiences would simply get rid of you!


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