The much hyped wedding ceremony of television actors Sara Khan and Ali Merchant is over now with their family members attending the ‘nikaah’ organized by Bigg Boss. The couple took the wedding vows on camera in the reality show and things seemed to go off quite smoothly. But now, here comes the twist.

Even though everyone in the house seemed very happy with the marriage, no one spoke out what they really think about the couple and their bonding. However, the Great Khali is one such inmate of the Bigg Boss house who dared to speak out the truth and voiced his opinion about their relationship.

Khali’s prediction shocked the just-married couple as he said that their marriage cannot last more than two years. He thinks Ali is very ambitious and that may come on the way of their happy conjugal life. The WWE wrestler added that many truths may come out following their marriage, which might also affect their relationship.

Well, most of us might agree with Khali’s prediction because both of them are very young and Sara is still very childish in her behavior. We did not notice any kind of excitement on Sara’s face just after getting married. It looked like a formality for them so no glow was visible on the face of the newly married couple. Moreover, there is already a report that the couple is married since the last two years and the Bigg Boss house ‘Nikaah’ was just a TRP gaining gimmick. So, who knows Khali’s prediction might come out to be true!


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