As we all know by now, every Sunday, there are these uncut scenes from the ‘Bigg Boss4′ house. Bigg Boss 4 is a reality show that is shown at the 11 PM time slot on Sundays and at ( PM on the other days on Colors. So for those of you who want to keep a track on every minute happening that took place in the house last week but was not aired due to cuts at the editor’s table, read here to know more on the nitty gritties.

This week, the show had the edited portions where the inmates discussed the two-day visit of the Hollywood star Pamela Anderson. Each one said she was really sweet and that she had left a message for each inmate with a personal touch.

Then, there was the ramp walk which the inmates had organized when the inmates were divided into the village folk and the city folk, dressed in the perfect attire to suit their parts. Each inmate showed a special significant facet of the character they depicted. Like Hrishant Goswami walked with the huge wooden stick used in villages by fight masters, Shweta Tiwari had a bucket in hand signifying her daily chores of filling water as a village belle does etc. The WWE champ Khali also walked the ramp in jeans, black tees and a red shirt.

The next day, there was Sara Khan who went up to Manoj Tiwari and told him that she had slowly started liking him, which sort of took the Bhojpuri star by surprise. Not one to utter words without weighing pros and cons, Manoj told her that he never really could judge her and was scared to share anything with her as she would immediately go and tell everybody else in the house.

Later, Seema Parihar was heard telling Manoj Tiwari that Sara might be young, but she was certainly not innocent and had a tongue which was pretty long (meaning that she spoke a bit too much than a girl of her age should be speaking).

Catch more of the drama today at 9 PM on Colors.


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