‘Bigg Boss 4′ house has become a house truly muddled up due to the task given to the inmates. This week the inmates have to switch over to one or more of the characters in the house, which means each one gets a chance to enact the character of the other.

Thus it was decided that Ashmit Patel would be Dolly Bindra as Shweta Tiwari refused to act like her when asked by Dolly Bindra herself. Dolly was Veena Malik etc. The entire scenario in the house was quite a confused one as there was the banter with Ashmit in the kitchen yelling on top of his voice just like Dolly Bindra always does.

Now as the character switching began it was fine but by the end of it, there was a great muddle up as some had to play two or three characters as well. This task shall continue till the next episode, thereby keeping the inmates quite busy trying their best pretending to be the other.

The shock of the day was when Bigg Boss summoned all of them in the living area and showed them clippings of what each one of the remaining inmates had said about Khali, the Great( behind his back of course). Now this was like throwing a splinter in a haystack and it aroused Dolly Bindra like anything. She asked Khali to sit so that she could discuss all that was shown.

Now Khali, the great proved that he was beyond all this and asked Dolly to get up and join the others for the task ahead. However it was Dolly who ultimately won and the two ended up discussing about what the others had to say about Khali.


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