Dolly Bindra’s dramatic re-entry in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house was somewhat shocking for the inmates, but everybody was in their best behavior and greeted her happily. Shweta Tiwari too, was cordial enough and there was just a courteous welcome for Dolly.

Right after things settled down, Bigg Boss announced that Dolly Bindra would be in the role of an empress for a day, she would dress up like one, get an afternoon siesta and all the inmates would have to be ready in her service.

Manoj Tiwari was chosen by Dolly to act as her Minister and Samir Soni as her attendant who had to do all chores like serving her food, protecting her from the harsh sunlight by carrying an umbrella over her head etc.

During the court session that empress Dolly Bindra had kept she apologized to all the inmates for her bad behavior before eviction. She specially apologized to Shweta Tiwari and said that she had realized what a blunder she had made when she had uttered such terrible words against Shweta.

After hearing what Dolly had to say, Shweta too, said sorry but she did mention that she had never expected that Dolly would ever apologize to her, and she was very touched by this good gesture.

After the unexpected apology, the house was just getting into normal mode when the nomination round was announced by Bigg Boss. As Khali was the captain for the week he was spared from the nominations. Dolly too, was spared as she had just entered via public voting.

The nomination round turned out to be quite dramatic, Khali utilized his power as captain to vote for Veena Malik.

However after all had voted; the three final names that were nominated were Manoj Tiwari, Ashmit Patel and Veena Malik. Dolly Bindra who got a special right to save one person out of the nominated three, dramatically voted for Veena Malik. So Veena who was voted by the captain was saved by the empress!

Ashmit Patel was seen crying his heart out as he felt devastated that Sara Khan whom he considered as his sister had voted for Veena Malik. Sara was shocked at his reaction and Veena Malik was seen coming up close to comfort Ashmit. Well, just anything is possible in the Bigg Boss house!


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