The episode on Saturday of the super popular reality show on Colors Bigg Boss 4, had Aanchal Kumar and Ali Merchant answering questions from host Salman Khan and there were startling revelations from both the evicted inmates.

Ali Merchant and his parents, who had also been invited to be present at Sara and Ali’s marriage ceremony confirmed that their wedding was solemnized for the first time. Reports about Sara’s parents claiming that they were already married are not true. The couple had been engaged earlier and had decided to tie the knot when they met in the Bigg Boss house.

After a brief question answer round, with Ali and Aanchal, there were clips shown of Aanchal’s stay in the house. Clips of Sara Khan talking to Ashmit Patel and Hrishant Goswami were shown where Sara was telling them that she had seen from the secret room during her fake eviction period.

Sara was shown talking about Aanchal and Rahul’s getting along well and also the fact that Aanchal was saying a whole lot of things about everyone in the house, particularly Hrishant.

This was quite shocking for Aanchal and she fumbled as Salman asked her what exactly had happened. Aanchal plainly said that every word of Sara which she had said about her was false. She said that she had not said any such thing about anyone.

Aanchal also gave a piece of her mind to the girl who was called with Sara’s mask on and told her that God will see to it that she gets her due punishment.

While marking each inmate on a score of 10 with a remark Aanchal did not hesitate to give Sara only 3 and called her sly. Now why did she call her sly? Aanchal’s answer was that since Sara had lied so much about her to the other inmates, she deserved to be called just that!


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