Getting married on television is no easy job. And that too, in a house where there are very few relatives and no privacy with hundreds of cameras always staring at you! But, finally Ali and Sara have got married in the Bigg Boss house and how!

While we did expect Dolly Bindra to come up with some disgusting drama, most others were sweet and helpful with Sara especially, as she was the queen of the moment! And to give company to the wedding couple were present their parents and relatives. And certainly, there was a Kazi chanting the mantras and getting prime time coverage too!

But the million dollar question here was how would this couple celebrate their wedding night post the ceremony! As we said, more cameras than humans live in that house, and where everyone sleeps in the same room.

Well then, here it is how to make the festive mood, Bigg Boss decided to segregate them from others and give them a special room inside the house, but with cameras present.


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