Sara Khan and Ali Merchant’s wedding in the Bigg Boss house might have been one of the most talked about and happening events of Bigg Boss 4.

But what turned out to be sour grapes, perhaps, for the couple was the fact that the room which was given to them for their wedding night was not devoid of cameras or mike.

Thus, when the two had walked into the room initially just after the announcement was made by Bigg Boss, there were quite a lot of exclamations from all the inmates. Everyone was eager to see what the room looked like and what was kept there for the newlyweds.

However, when the excitement died down and the two newlyweds settled down, they were quite disappointed to learn that they were being watched by the prying lens of the cameras.

Well, as the last episode was aired, Ali was cribbing in muffled tones of how pathetic he was feeling and Sara busy telling him to just go off to sleep. Of course, how traumatic the night might have been is anyone’s guess but the reactions of the couple have clearly portrayed that.

So watch this space for more updates on this!


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