The most awaited episode of the Bigg Boss 4 was telecast on the 11th of November when the wedding ceremony of Sara Khan and Ali Merchant was shown with great fervor.

As Bigg Boss had made elaborate and detailed arrangements with the bride and the groom’s  attire from a designer’s den, the flower decorations, the food along with the beautiful knick knacks needed for a wedding all for the inmates of the Bigg Boss house.

Everyone was in high spirits when the time for the actual ceremony was announced with the bride, Sara’s maternal uncle and the groom Ali Merchant’s parents walking in with all the necessary stuff required for the wedding.

A Kaazi or a learned man who was sent by Bigg Boss chanted the mantras and united them as man and wife.

Another big surprise for by Bigg Boss was the amazing invite list. There were many guests including television personalities and the bride and the grooms relatives who were invited to witness the wedding but only on the large screen outside since they were not allowed to enter inside the house.

Well as the guests left and the inmates of the house were left all by themselves with the bride and the groom things were almost in a celebration mode, when Bigg Boss announced that Sara and Ali were to go into an adjacent room to celebrate their wedding night. It was the same room where Sara had spent a few days alone.

As the two entered there was quite a furor amongst the other inmates as they excitedly went through the beautifully decorated room.

The day ended with the newlyweds trying to sleep off in the room!


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