The reality show ‘Bigg Boss 4′ on Colors is witnessing a host of unpredictable events almost every day inside the house.The last episode was quite a topsy turvy ride for all the inmates as the Manoj Tiwari was the victim of the eviction process.

Since it was a Ashmit Patel vs Manoj Tiwari competition, there was quite a rumor that it would be Ashmit Patel who would leave since Manoj Tiwari is quite a popular star in the Bhojpuri film industry, whereas Ashmit Patel has not yet bagged such big projects to prove his stardom or have a fan following in the Hindi film industry.

However, the fact that Tiwari had to leave due to the public voting system was enough to prove that the public only judges a person by the person he projects himself to be on the show,  rather than rely on what he has been before going in into the house.

With Manoj Tiwari’s surprise eviction, everyone is taken aback! There are also murmurs that Ashmit has become a very popular guy after entering the Bigg Boss house as he has proved to be quite a darling amongst most inmates. Manoj Tiwari, on the other hand, has been facing quite a tiff with most people in the house. His tiff with Shweta Tiwari was due to the fact that he thought that Shweta had nominated him has created quite a lot of flak already.

However, the best part will be when Manoj Tiwari discovers in tonight’s show that it was not Shweta who had nominated him, but Seema Parihar, whom he had blindly trusted was the one.

Well the show really has no dearth of surprises, does it?


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