Manoj Tiwari, the Bhojpuri actor and singer, has surely missed Chhat puja this year as he is presently in the Bigg Boss house. Chhat puja is celebrated in an elaborate manner in Bihar, which is also the hometown of Manoj Tiwari. The Chhat festival is celebrated over a period of 4 days. The Sun god, Surya, is worshipped and thanked for sustaining life on earth. Coming from Bihar, it is natural for Manoj Tiwari to celebrate Chhat puja. But the rules of the Bigg Boss house prevented its inmates from going outside to celebrate the festivals.

Tiwari was surprised when the Chhat pooja prasad was sent to him inside the house of ‘Bigg Boss’. A certain portal with which this “Ganga” star has been associated for the last six years, requested Bigg Boss to deliver the Chhat puja prasad to Tiwari. This portal wanted to make sure that Tiwari gets a slice of the festivity even when he is locked up in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house.

The producers of ‘Bigg Boss’ informed the portal that as a rule Tiwari will not have any public contacts. Later, they reconsidered their decision and delivered the Chhat puja prasad to Tiwari, as it has a lot of importance for him.

Tiwari, who has blockbusters like ‘Bhole Shankar’ to his credit, was very delighted on receiving the prasad. Prasad was sent for the other contestants too, for those who value the Chhat puja.


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