Bigg Boss house witnessed television actors Sara Khan and Ali Merchant’s grand marriage, which was aired yesterday on Colors. Among all these celebration, there comes a breaking news that the couple is already married and it has been accepted by none other than Sara’s mother.

The actresses’ mother is not very happy with Ali as he has agreed for this second marriage, despite knowing the fact the Sara’s grandmother has passed away last week. However, Sara is not aware about it so she cannot be blamed for the same.

Well, her mom should accept the fact that her daughter and son-in-law are professional actors and are doing the scripted jobs only. In Wednesday’s episode,  Sara had a small fight with Dolly Bindra, who in turn, said that she would speak out the truth about the couple in public if the’ Bidaai’ star dares to challenge her. This indicated that Dolly was probably aware of this scripted second marriage of the couple on the show!

However, Sara and Ali are the ultimate winner in this drama because they are already married and are probably getting hugely paid for this second on screen wedding to their real life partners once again! There is no harm if they take the wedding vows once again in front of the millions of viewers of Bigg Boss season 4. This will rather add to their popularity and they might end up getting more reality show offers.

We can understand why the couple kept their earlier marriage a secret. Both of them are very young and probably did want to lose out on the fan following in the beginning of their career. Sara is just one serial old and has long way to go and Ali is often seen in this or that serial but he did not get any lead role till now. So, this public wedding will only help them to accentuate their respective careers. But now, when everyone is aware of the fact that it is their second marriage, how many will be curious or interested in it?

Well, Bigg Boss always has a strategic solution for this so let’s wait and watch what happens!


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