The ‘Bigg Boss 4′ house has turned into a house full of spats over small things like a cup of milk or just two eggs etc. It was in the beginning of the week that Ashmit Patel had slightly objected to the fact that Shweta Tiwari was boiling eggs for Manoj Tiwari for breakfast and the objection was taken to heart by Manoj.

This thought kept nagging the inmates till the next day when Veena Malik made a bowl of oatmeal for Ashmit who was not well. Now, it was Shweta who asked why the milk was being used. This little banter between the ladies reached the men. Ashmit went on to give explanations of how he never used his share of milk etc. This led to Manoj Tiwari getting irritated with Ashmit and they both ended up not talking to each other till they were in the house.

Now just as the boiling temperatures of the inmates reached its peak , Bigg Boss asked the inmates to dress up as school kids as part of the weekly task. Each inmate took turns to become a student and then a teacher.

Thus when it was Ashmit Patel’s turn to become a student and Manoj Tiwari was the teacher, Ashmit truly behaved like a hurt child. He kept on telling his teacher that he wanted to go home. Manoj Tiwari, the teacher just couldn’t help but feel sorry for Ashmit and he comforted him throughout.

Well the Bigg Boss house is full of emotional turmoil and outbursts and everyday there are friends and enemies made inside the house. But for both Ashmit and Manoj’s sake let’s hope they sort out their differences and make up forgetting all about the eggs and the milk!

Sampurn Wire


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