Bigg Boss Season 4 is fast becoming one of the most watched shows on the small screen. The daily fights between the inmates, the various romantic linkups and breakups, the confused inmates who have no clue as to who should be trusted and who shouldn’t be, all make it one big watchable show.

After so much of back-stabbing and then on-face abusing, it was once again time for the nominations this week.

As each inmate was called into the confession room and was asked to give names for the nominations, almost everyone was nominated at least once. All except Aanchal, who was spared the rod from her fellow inmates.

However, the beauty could not get past the strict eye of captain Hrishant Goswami. Thus, when it was Hrishant’s turn, he picked Aanchal’s name and said that she was too sweet on people’s faces but the moment she turned her back she was another person!

Well, since he’s the captain for the week, his nominated inmate will automatically come in the list of the already nominated inmates to face the public voting this week. As a result, Aanchal‘s name was also announced. The brave girl announced immediately that whoever had nominated her, she had no issues and it was perfectly alright with her!

As the week progresses it remains to be seen how Aanchal is affected by the nomination and the turn of events. From being a complete observer of the other inmates’ behavior on the show, to get nominated just like that, is simply too much for her fans to digest! So just watch out to see if she is made to hang around further or given a farewell from the show this weekend.


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