Manoj Tiwari, who was evicted from the Bigg Boss house on last Friday went all mushy and emotional in the episode aired on Saturday, which was the ‘Aakhri Salaam’ episode or the final tribute to him.

The episode began with a blast from the host Salman Khan who performed on a Bollywood number with a bevy of beauties gyrating gracefully with him. Then as Manoj Tiwari was called on stage, he was cross checked by Salman Khan on his ways and behavioral patterns during his stay in the house.

Salman Khan even asked him if he was indulging in politics. Manoj Tiwari, on his part said that he was quite a clean hearted man and had no bad intentions, but he did agree that staying in the house a bit longer would have driven him crazy. Regarding the political motive, the Bhojpuri star was quick to point out that he never indulged in anything like that.

It was after Salman Khan asked Manoj Tiwari to give a mock trial (as is the pattern of the show) and asked him about the backstabbing act that was aired in the show then Manoj broke into the song ‘Sab Kuch Seekha Humne, Na Seekhi Hoshiyari, Sach Hai Duniya Waalon Ke Hum Hai Anari’. Which literally translates to ‘I’ve learnt everything in life except expertise, it’s a fact that I’m an ignorant or a fool’.

The popular star, singer, performer was quite shocked with the way the inmates had behaved with him. He was also quite upset when he heard that he was back stabbed by the very people whom he had trusted to be his closest friends. This was more emphasized when he was shown that it was Seema Parihar who had nominated him and not Shweta Tiwari, as Manoj had kept on lamenting while he was still in the house.

According to latest reports Manoj Tiwari has sworn never to go back into the house even if he’s offered loads of cash to fill his kitty! Once bitten twice shy?


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