Bhagam Bhag: Movie & Full Cast

If you talk about one of the recent comedy Indian movies that has performed well at the box office, the name Bhagam Bhag pops up. The movie was directed by Priyadarshan and had a huge star cast such as Paresh Rawal, Akshay Kumar, Govinda, Rajpal Yadav, Lara Dutta, Arbaaz Khan, Jackie Shroff, Manoj Joshi, Shakti Kapoor, Asrani, and Sharat Saxena. The movie released on the 22nd of December, 2006 and the story of the movie borrows a few sub-plots from a popular Malayalam movie Mannar Mathai Speaking made by Siddiqui-Lal.

Bhagam Bhag Plot

Champak Chaturvedi, played by Paresh Rawal, is the director of a theatre group. The entire group is given a chance to perform at London. Bunty, played by Akshay Kumar, and Babla, played by Govinda, are two idiots and flirts in the group. They are always found to be fighting against each other to get the lead role in the play. Due to one of their fights, the lead actress leaves the group which leaves the organizer furious, since he had given them a chance to perform mainly because of the actress. Upon reaching London, Champak tells the two to look for a suitable actress who can do the main role in the play. He also tells them that whoever brings an actress first will get to play the male lead role.

In London, the Babla seeks Gulab Singh Lakhan Singh Haryanewale’s, played by Rajpal Yadav, help to find a heroine. He misinterprets it as prostitutes and directs Babla to a park. At the park, chaos happens when Bunty follows Babla silently and both accidently find themselves in the path of drug dealers. In the chaos, they land with a bag full of drugs in their possession, which they decide to hand over to the police. Although they are caught by the police due to mistaken identity, Commissioner JD Mehra, played by Jackie Shroff, decides to release them. However, he tells them not to leave the country until proven innocent.

During their search for a suitable heroine, Bunty and Gulab Singh accidentally bump into Munni, played by Lara Dutta, who are trying to commit suicide. However, they convince her to play the lead role in their play. Bunty falls in love with Munni after which she meets with and accident and lands up in a hospital. After gaining consciousness, Munni claims that she is Nisha Chauhan, wife of Vikram Chauhan, played by Arbaaz Khan. This leads to a dark secret of Vikram, who is killed by the Commissioner during the play.

A lot of chaos follows hereon concerning the murder of Vikram that involves all the characters in the movie. How the cops try to catch Bunty, Babla, and Champak thinking that they are the killers of Vikram, how the drug dealers try to save themselves from the trio thinking that they are undercover cops and are after them, and how the trio try to find out the truth behind Munni and Nisha is something that will surely keep you glued to your seats till the end of the movie.


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