Things may get a little stressful when its result time on Zara Nachke Dikha, but the pressure to perform well does not stop our stars from having a great time on the sets, and the same goes for Angad Haseja a.k.a Alekh and Karan Kundra, who seem to have bonded like long lost buddies.

While talking to TellyCafe, Angad says, “Karan is a brat and we have a blast on the sets. We share a kind of Punjabi connection and are always up to something. We never seem to rest and are constantly up to something naughty.”

And though Angad finds it most comfortable to work with Kinshuk (Rajeev) and Sara (Sadhna) on the sets of Bidaai, its Karan with whom he shares a great rappo while on the sets of Zara Nachke Dikha.

So though the boy’s team seems to be lacking behind as far as points are concerned, they sure seem to be way ahead when it comes to having the best time of their lives. Wonder what Karan would have to say to this…


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