In spite of being doing five shows on television in just three years, actress Prerna Wanvari isn’t worried bout over exposing herself on small screen.

In last three years she has been a part of shows like “Bandini”, “Sapna Babul Ka… Bidaai”, “Bairi Piya” and is being seen in ongoing family drama “Parichay – Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka”.

She says that she believe that “over exposure is not going to do any harm”.

“Deep down my passion about acting will always overcome the over exposing bit. Coming too much on TV never comes in your way. There are people who have been coming on TV for years, so there is no such thing (like over exposure),” Prerna told IANS.

Apart from wearing grease paint for TV shows, she is active in theatre and presently playing a pivotal part in a play called “Wake Up call”.

Talking about the play, Prerna said: “It is basically about sending a message. There is a bomb blast and it affects the way people react. It teaches them to face such situations and not lose courage. And not commit suicide and be scared.”

However, route to theatre is not to improve her acting skills, it is her passion for the craft that motivates her to straddle both worlds.

“It’s (acting in plays) an experience. If it has to help somewhere, it will. But acting is what I like doing. I don’t do it thinking that it will help me somewhere. I am doing it because I like acting and I wanted to experience theatre,” she said.

As far as big screen goes, Prerna had been auditioned for “Life Of Pi”, but “it didn’t work out.” But the actress is hopeful and said: “I think nowadays Indians have more scope in Hollywood cinema and international television.”


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