Sumeet Sachdev, who managed quite a fan following as Gomzi, or Gautam, in ‘Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi’, saw one of his shows, ‘Pyaar Ka Bandhan’, going off air this week. And with that Sumeet has now made an entry in ‘Bandini’ as Rudr, a close friend of Sarang’s. But it seems being on the sets of ‘Bandini’ is taking him on a trip into memory lane.

In a casual chat with TellyCafe, the actor says, “We usually did individual shoots for ‘Pyaar Ka Bandhan’, but shooting for ‘Bandini’ is a lot like ‘Kyunki…’ where there were a lot of characters and all. Also, I have worked with Ronit earlier and we share a good rapport. There is a lot of energy on the sets as there are all youngsters.” He adds, laughing, “And I simply love wearing dhotis. I think I’m going to buy a couple of them soon.”

We found that Sumeet’s character in ‘Bandini’ has some gray shades, and when asked whether Rudr shares any similarities with Gautam, he says, “I wouldn’t say that. Gomzi was basically a spoilt brat but was not evil at heart. It was the circumstances and upbringing that made him what the kind of person he was. On the other hand, Rudr is caught in an obsession for Dharamraj Mahiyavanshi’s wife and because she keeps insulting him, it indirectly adds fuel to the fire. Also, he is from a city background and does not see the limitations of village culture.”


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