It has been more than a month that Bollywood actor Ashmit Patel has been locked inside the house but his loving sister never commented anything on regarding the controversy surrounding her brother and his association with the female members in Bigg Boss house.

However, Ameesha has come out to support her younger brother this time as she has discovered that some of the viewers are taking him the wrong way. The 35-year-old actress says she watches the reality show regularly because as of now this is the only medium through which she can see her brother.

Ameesha is very proud of her brother and says that he has managed all those mischievous people inside very wisely. She says that her brother has done nothing wrong if he is flirting around with the girls because many people believe that he is a ‘hot eye-candy’ in the Bigg Boss house. So, there is no harm if he pleases the girls with some positive nods towards them. She claims that she has asked her brother to give respect to all women and never hurt them and her brother is following her advice.

The actress says that Ashmit has been honest with all of them. And it is a reality show, where these things happen and Ashmit is not bringing home a bride from the show, the loving sister adds.

Well, we understand Ameesha that you can’t say anything against your brother but what is your take on your eye candy brother’s closeness with Veena Malik?


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