Popularly known as Malti Bhabhi of ‘Sapna Babul Ka… Bidaal’, Ashita Dhawan is very excited for her upcoming birthday tomorrow. It seems the lovely lass has this day planned quite well in advance. In a chit chat with TellyCafe, Ashita reveals that since this is her first birthday with her hubby, Sailesh Gulabani, post their wedding, she wanted to enjoy some quality time with him, as well as her friends and family, both new and old.

“I’ve got two whole days off for my birthday!! Can you believe it??,” she chirps excitedly. “Tonight, my friends are going to come down to my house first, and we’re going to partying to bring in my birthday. Tomorrow will be more of a family affair as we’ll be visiting my Mom and Dad at Chembur.”

Sounds like quite a special birthday. But there’s more. What makes this particular birthday really special is the Birthday Wish that’s going to come true for Ashita tomorrow.

“Well, we’ve been waiting for this for quite some time actually. Tomorrow, Sailesh and I are going to finalize our dream house! We have found the perfect place at Khar Ghar and tomorrow, on my birthday, we are going to complete the remaining formalities and become proud homeowners!!,” says Ashita. “I’m just on seventh heaven… or if there’s one above that… then I’m on that heaven.”

We certainly wish Ashita a Very Happy Birthday in advance!


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