Anupama Gowda Biography: Bigg Boss Kannada, Height, Weight, Age, Family, Boyfriend & More

Most of you may have heard about Anupama Gowda. Some of you may have also watched her on movies. But how many of you know anything about her? Well, Anupama Gowda is a popular actress in the Kannada film industry. Her popularity rose manifolds after she participated in a reality show on TV. Anupama has shown her acting skills in a number of television series and movies. This has helped her enjoy a huge fan base like most other fellow actors in the industry.

Early Life of Anupama Gowda

Anupama was born on the 20th of March in the city of Bangalore, Karnataka. She has a sister named Tejaswini and her father used to work as an associated in the Kannada film industry. Her mother also used to work in a garments factory. Her family was economically very poor. Their financial condition was so poor that the family often had to spend an entire day without 3 proper meals. This financial crisis lead her to stop her education when she was merely 13 years old. She completed class 6 during those tough times. However, their condition soon improved and Anupama went on to finish her school education from the Sheeba English High School, located in Bangalore. She also completed her graduation from the Indian Institute of Fashion Technology, also in Bangalore.

Anupama Gowda Career Life

Anupama is primarily a dancer, which is also her passion. However, she became a popular name after she was chosen to participate in a reality show Halli Duniya in the year 2011. This was not the end of it. After participating in the show, she also got an opportunity to work in the Kannada television industry. She worked in a number of television shows, including Akka, Akka Tangi, and Chi Sou Savithri. She played a double role in the show Akka in the year 2015. This role also helped her bag a role in the film industry.

Akka paved the path for her to enter the Kannada film industry. She appeared for the first time in Nagari in the year 2015. The movie was directed by Nandhish. In the movie she played the role of a bold village girl and was cast opposite Vikash. Although she has worked in a number of movies, her original love is still with the television industry.

Anupama Gowda was also one of the contestants in the popular reality show on television, Bigg Boss Kannada Season 5. The show was hosted by Sudeepa. Anupama also worked in a prominent role in the popular Kannada web series Loose Connection and was cast opposite Sunil Raoh. She also worked with Vasundhara Das and Darshan in a Kannada movie Lankesh Patrike. However, her role was not that big in the movie.

Unknown Facts about Anupama Gowda

  • Anupama had confessed that a couple of years ago she did get married to Riyaz, another contestant in one of the reality shows.
  • During her stint in Bigg Boss she fell in love with another contestant by the name of Jagannath.
  • She simply loves to spend her leisure time playing with small kids.
  • She has also played in some kabaddi matches for charity purposes.
  • During her younger days, Anupama had also worked with her mother in the same garments factory as a tailor.
  • Her younger days were also spent working in other people’s houses to fulfill her family’s basic needs.
  • She was once sexually harassed by someone who was quite close to her family.


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