Ankita Lokhande is the new popular mulgi on Indian Television and with her character Archana on Pavitra Rishta ,becoming a household name Ankita is sure the current centre of interest. So lets hear it out as the Marathi lass from Indore speaks about her Patron show Pavitra Rishta and her own personal interests.

1) How did Pavitra Rishta happen?

I started out with ‘Zee Cine Stars ki khoj’ which gave me a good platform to begin with. And then Pavitra Rishta followed which is my very first television soap and I got to play the lead.

2) What interests you apart from acting?

I love dancing. I’m very passionate about dancing. In fact this was the very reason for my joining this industry. I wanted people to see me perform on stage. I didn’t want to perform like any other ordinary person but always dreamed of dancing where there were thousands of people witnessing and appreciating my performance. Cine stars gave me the opportunity. I even won the best dancer in Zee Cine Stars.

3) How is Ankita in real life?

I’m very different from my on screen character. I love talking. I love interacting with people. You can call me an introvert to some extent.

4) So to what extent do you relate to your on screen character Archana?

We are both similar in the sense that though we are both very simple but at the same time we know what we are doing and people love that.

4)What is your dream character?

Well the character which I’m playing now is a very goodie- goodie one. I’m seen in a very simple look and my character is very soft. I would love to play a character which is very outgoing, or bold. Not really hot but something which is very glamorous and appealing. Something very different from what I’m doing now. I want to do something which is close to Ankita.

5)Your equation with Sushant?

Sushant is a very nice guy and I’m extremely comfortable working with him. I feel I’m fortunate to be working with him. It’s very rare to get somebody who is so supportive and I’m really lucky to get a co-star like Sushant in my very first show. He is not somebody who would raise eyebrows if you go wrong somewhere or look down on you if you make a mistake. He helps you to improve yourself and makes things really easy and comfortable.

6) Any other projects apart from Pavitra Rishta?

Right now I am getting offers but I’m so busy doing Pavitra Rishta that I am not in the position to make place for any other project. As for movies I wouldn’t say I’m not interested in doing them but I would want it to come to me. I want my work to speak for me. So if I get a chance like that I want it to be because of my merits.

7) What is Pavitra Rishta to you?

It is obviously very special since it’s my very first show and I love working for it especially because the show has given me my family in a way. And I share a high comfort level of comfort with all my co- stars.

8) Your experience working on the show.

We have a blast. We have so much fun on the sets. We are always up to something naughty and we are like one big family having the time of our lives. We bring food from home, we go out together. And you naturally enjoy because it’s very important that you are comfortable with the people you work with.


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