The American Idol auditions are going on in Los Angeles and reports doing the rounds say that this time around, the contestants are going to be judged absolutely on a higher level of performance than ever before.

According to several tabloid reports, the reality show veteran judge Randy Jackson  and the new judge Jennifer Lopez have confessed  that the contestants have been put through some very rough and tough sessions and so the group that has been selected is highly rich in performance and stage appearance.

The other judge Aerosmith Steven Tyler has also put in a few words to justify what the other two judges have said. According to reports, there were many singers who performed on hit numbers from JLo’s list and also from Aerosmith albums. However, it was one number that was the favorite with the singers coming in for the auditions and that was the Aerosmith number “Don’t want to miss a thing”.

However, the show which will be showcased on Fox channel next year will have a lot of country music to entertain the audience.

Since this platform is a very esteemed one with the best of them getting a break to record albums, it is of prime importance that the level of competition is kept at the top level right from the word go. Thus, having raised the bar to such an extent and having three very eminent personalities as the coveted judges, this show is sure set to rock!


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