Amal Sufiya (Dulquer Salmaan Wife) Biography, WIKI, Age, Height

Amal Sufiya happens to be the wife of Dulquer Salmaan, a rather popular actor in South India. She herself is an architect by profession and excels in the field of interior designing. She belongs to a rather well-known Muslim family in the city of Chennai. Although Amal’s marriage was an arranged one, she is rather happy with her married life.

Early Life

Amal Sufiya’s father, Syed Nizamuddin, is one of the high class businessmen of Chennai. Her family is a traditional North Indian Muslim family. Sulfath, Dulquer’s mother, met Sufiya in a number of social gatherings and she was the one who gave the final nod for the marriage. She was barely 25 years when she married Dulquer. Her husband happens to be the popular actor of the Tamil film industry, Mammootty’s son.

The first movie of Dulquer, The Second Show, was almost complete by the time his wedding was announced. In an interview, Mammootty had said that Dulquer’s wedding was decided this early since he believes that getting married will help to bring focus and stability in his son’s life.

Marriage Life

It was on the 22nd December, 2011 that Sufiya married Dulquer in the city of Chennai. They also had a grand reception on the 26th of December, 2011. The reception took place in Kochi. The couple was gifted with a daughter on the 5th of May, 2017. They named her as Maryam Ameerah Salmaan. The first movie in which Dulquer had worked got released after their wedding. It also won a Filmfare Award that year. Dulquer was quoted as saying that Amal happens to be his best friend and is always prepared to give emotional support to him.

Some Facts About Amal

  • After getting married Sufiya focused all her attention on her family and has become a homemaker.
  • Sufiya loves to dance, sing, and cook.
  • She happens to be a great fan of the legendary film actress Sri Devi.
  • She is pretty active on Instagram and she posts her pics on the social media website on a regular basis.
  • Sufiya is also a good artist. She has hand drawn pictures of her husband on her Instagram profile that proves her skills in the field of art.
  • She always manages to find enough time to spend with her husband from her busy home and daughter schedules.
  • Sufiya is present in most of the promotional events that involve her husband.
  • She also accompanied her husband to most of the functions hosted by the different people of the film industry.
  • In spite of leading a busy life, Sufiya also finds enough time to spend with her friends.


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