A lot of hue and hoopla has been raised recently with reports claiming that Bollywood actress Aishwarya Rai has been throwing starry tantrums at a recent award function in Singapore. Lots of negative reports have been written about her stating that she threw airs at Singapore as she came on stage for rehearsals at her own preferred time thus disturbing the schedules of others.

However, Aishwarya has now set the records straight by issuing a clarification statement citing that she was very unwell at the time. She was suffering from viral flu but despite her personal discomfort she vehemently maintains that she didn’t change the schedule as is being wrongly reported.

Aishwarya prioritised the award function over her discomfort and hence didn’t request for a change in schedule. In fact, she went for her rehearsal late at night when the others had finished with their respective rehearsals. She, in fact, urged the choreographer to send back the dance troupe since they had been rehearsing all day. Aishwarya requested a couple of assistants to show her the performance.

Next day, due to last-minute change in timings, she couldn’t find a slot to rehearse on stage and hence, practiced in her room with the aid of a dancer. Even though she was ill, she honoured the request of the organisers and walked the red carpet where a slew of media men were waiting for her.

Later on, she even performed her act on the stage. Bunty Walia, MD of GS Entertainment, also states that Aishwarya fulfilled all her professional commitments and there was no unprofessionalism from her side despite the fact that she was suffering from viral flu.


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