“Dream Girl” was a song of a film of Hema Malini which was released in 1977. The film’s name was also “Dream Girl”. The younger daughter of Hema Malini is Ahana Deol. Ahana is going to be debuted in 2012. Promotion are made to make a way for the star in question. Ahana is a shy girl. She decided to enter Bollywood only because of her elder sister Esha Deol.

She will have to remain aloof from media, public and silver screen unless she is ready for her debut release. She will have to shun her shyness if she wants to enter Bollywood. The promotions of the film” Tell Me O Kkhuda” will take place in the absence of Ahana Deol. The above film is a film directed by Hema Malini, casts Dharmendra, Esha Deol, Salman Khan and others.

According to media and other sources it is decision of Hema Malini to put Ahana out of her newly directed movie because Ahana is starting her own career, will be a star performer in near future. Till the releasing date of Ahana’s debut film she is to be kept away public. Further, it is essential that both the daughters of Deol family have different career.


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