1990 film Agneepath is being remade, and how! Karan Johar, who says he is making the movie with his dad Yash Johar had originally made as it had bombed at box-office then, has promised more drama than action in the movie.

Karan says that the relationship between the lead actors in the movie Amitabh Bachchan and Madhavi will be the focus this time. And it will get hotter with Hrithik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra abiding by Karan’s wishes to create some hot chemistry for the screen.

Karan had seen the making of the original movie as a kid and thinks that there was some smouldering chemistry between the lead pair then. But then times have changed and he wants to show it by even more bolder scenes this time. This time around Priyanka will not be the nurse which Madhavi had played in the flick originally.

The movie seems will be an adult one. Many are comparing this with the kind of rapport Hrithik and Priyanka had shared for Krrish. While Krrish involved making children’s movie under a science-fiction theme, Agneepath is a piece of history which needs to be ignited again!

So do you think Hrithik will dance his super cool style in this movie? Well, even that would be much different than what Amitabh had done ever!


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