Indian rock band, Agnee, recently unveiled the music of upcoming comedy film ‘Yeh Hai Bakrapur’ in Mumbai.

The band’s member Kannan Mohan, said, “The film is beautiful, and I’m sure everyone will like it. I’m very happy we got attached to this film and none of the people in the team looked at this film as a commercial.”

The film revolves on the story of a goat called ‘Shahrukh’ who’s the centre of attention.

Director, Janaki Vishwanathan spoke on keeping the goat’s name same as King Khan and said, “Based on our brief and limited interaction with his staff, I do not think he has taken offence and we believe that when he gets to see the film, given that he is a man of great intelligence and wit, he will really appreciate what the film is all about.”

The movie has been part of the 37th Goteborg International Film Festival and is expected to hit theatres on April 25. (ANI)


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