Zee TV’s prime time show ‘Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo’, is now trying to boost its women empowerment theme by giving Laali’s character a much stronger streak. She has always fought against the evils and did not bother to go against her father-in-law Loha Singh whenever he has done something wrong.

Now, as Laali is going to fight against Loha singh in the Gram Panchayat elections, there is a strong possibility of her winning the election. The reason behind this is her constant support towards the poor and helpless people of the village. Shekhar is also supporting her constantly and they are approaching every villager to know about their problems.

This new twist in the story has again brought back some viewers, who lost interest in the show. If Laali wins the election then she will turn more powerful and will have a strong support from the villagers. In that case, can we expect the end of Loha Singh’s rule?

It has come out as an inspiring track from many uneducated and rural viewers as they will be encouraged by Laali’s step to fight election. She is shown illiterate and a very normal village girl with a very strong will power. We hope this latest track really encourages the rural woman to speak out for their rights.

Watch out the show at 7:30 pm on Zee TV to know if Laali can really beat Loha Singh in the election.

Sampurn Wire


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