We knew only of B-Town girls throwing tantrums, but now the latest to join the girls is none other than Aditya Narayan. Only the superstars have the privilege of showing attitude, but despite being a stuggler still in B-Town, Aditya has been throwing starry tantrums. Zoom created a platform where the actors and actresses met their craziest fans. Superstars like Salman Khan, Vidya Balan, Ranveer Singh graced the show.

Salman met his craziest fan who drew his picture in space. Vidya and her fan danced to the dirty number “Ooh La La”. And Ranveer and his fan danced with the number “Ainvayi Ainvayi”. But when Aditya was approached to appear on the show, he asked for a sum of 5 lakh just to meet the fan and greet the person.

Aditya has got starry attitude but what he has forgotten is that fans can only make a superstar. So an actor must respect his fans, and do anything possible to make his fans happy. And when it comes to meet a fan, superstars do anything to make it possible.

So, Aditya needs to learn a lot of things about stardom still. “Shaapit” was his last film which released last year, but he failed to create any dhamaal at the box office.


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