Anupama Kumar, a well-known southern actress, will be seen in

upcoming Hindi independent film “My Son Is Gay” and she wonders why it is a big deal to act in such films.

“My Son Is Gay” is about an emotional journey of a mother who finds out that her son is gay.

“I don’t understand why it is a big deal to act in this film. It’s just another film with a story I feel needs to be told to create some awareness. To all those who are asking me why I’m doing this film, I would like to say why not,” Anupama told IANS.

“People are asking me like I’ve done something revolutionary by agreeing to work in this film. Of course, I know many actors would hesitate to play this role but the fact that I’m doing it is to change the whole perception about taking up such roles. I would like to live in a world where playing these roles is welcomed,” she added.

Anupama feels responsible as an actor when she takes up roles such as these.

“I feel it’s the responsibility of every actor to take up such roles. Since we have a public persona, whatever we do is influential to a certain extent. If we can make a change, we should not miss an opportunity to do that,” she said.

She admits taking up the role required her to be emotionally involved, but it didn’t affect her personally.

“I usually put myself in the shoes of the character I play, and therefore, it doesn’t affect me. If I were to do this role convincingly, I have to believe in the character. Therefore, I had to be emotionally involved in the role of the mother who finds out that her son is gay and was required to react in a certain way,” she said.

“My Son Is Gay” is being directed by Chennai-based independent filmmaker Lokesh. It also features actor-filmmaker Nakshatra Bagwe.


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