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Realbollywood News, is a complete solution to all the Entertainment Related News & Feature Requirements of a publication, be it web or electronic. At present the organization runs a news portal and is due to launch a printed version in the form of a magazine.

Having a 360 degrees single-minded focus in the field of Entertainment, we are the only News Service Agency in India delivering News and Features related to Films, TV & Music to across the globe.

Our News is authentic, our gossips are spicy, our features are well analyzed and that's what rates us as, Founded on Jun 11th, 2006, RealBollyowod News follows its motto of "we ENSURE, you are ENTERTAINED... ".

The news desk operates from North India and its head office is located in the national capital, Delhi.

Our Address:
Realbollywood News
K-11, Connaught Place, New Delhi, India - 100001.

Realbollywood News Editing Team

Realbollywood provides very rich content to newspapers outside India and its expertise in the area to generate and present content - even periodicals and magazines - that is outsourced to it at a fraction of the cost. It has a team of 12 members who are continuously involved in editing with their full dedication and hard work.

The members of the team are:-

Rahul1. Editor in Chief - Rahul Kapoor - Rahul is the Founder and Chief Editor of RB. Rahul completed his Bachelor of Communication in 2001, after which he went on to work with who's who of the industry in India. Contact me at G+


Abhijeet2. Reporter - Abhijeet Sen - Abhijeet helps us in researching on the Internet, he is the one who comes up with new content ideas, he is also a wonderful writer. Contact me at G+


Amith3. Reporter - Amith Ostwal - Amith has worked with various Page 3 magazines in Delhi. He did his graduation (BA Journalism) from the prestigious Manipal Institute of Journalism. Amith covers the Bollywood industry for Realbollywood. Contact me at G+


Arun4. Reporter - Arun Pandit - Arun is a writer, voracious reader and literature enthusiast. A purveyor of the written word, he loves supporting authors and their remarkable stories. Contact me at G+


Diksha5. Reporter - Diksha Singh - Diksha is a freelance writer who has followed Bollywood from the beginning. She is committed to bringing you all the latest news about Bollywood and latest reviews. Contact me at G+


Ketali6. Reporter - Ketali Mehta - Kalki, an experienced freelance writer and blogger, studied psychology and journalism at the Pune University, and has a Juris Doctor in Law. She has also been a contributing writer for a number of online publications. Contact me at G+


Leon7. Reporter - Leon David - A crackerjack at relationships, Leon has been exposed to a myriad of dating scenarios. After several years of sheer absurdity on the singles scene, he is now a married twenty-something. Contact me at G+


Machan8. Reporter - Machan Kumar - Machan is a freelance writer who loves Kollywood to the core. He has a diverse background in law, politics, banking, real estate and retail. Contact me at G+


Meeta9. Reporter - Meeta Kabra - Meeta knows her gossip. She is a self proclaimed celebrity gossip junkie. She will dish the dirt on all your favorite celebs. As well as all the newest buzz in the entertainment world. Contact me at G+


Anita10. Reporter - Anita Agarwal - Anita is a stay at home mom of two wonderful boys. She loves writing at home and Reality TV. She won't ever shy away from a good story on the latest drama. Contact me at G+


Lohit11. Reporter - Lohit Reddy - Lohit is an award winning celebrity columnist. Sharing entertainment favorites with him audience and covering stars, movies, tv, fashion and red carpet events, this is his dream job. Contact me at G+


Shiva12. Reporter - Shiva Prakash - Shiva is a freelance writer, a reality TV junkie, and a stay-at-home dad. As a former-television news producer he enjoys keeping up with current events, but has somewhat of an obsession with entertainment news. Contact me at G+


Smith13. Reporter - Smith Cox - Smith is a freelance photojournalist in the Southern California region. She contributes to international wire services as well as local newspapers. Contact me at G+

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