Abhinaya, the dumb and deaf actress, who made her debut with the Tamil film ‘Naadodigal’ in 2009, is going to enact the same role in the Kannada version of the film. She will be playing sister of power star Puneeth Rajakumar in this film.

The actress has played the role of a girl, who can talk and hear even after being dumb and deaf. The sweet and beautiful actress is the daughter of character artist of Telugu films Ananda Varma. In the Tamil version of the film, she played the role of a sister to actor Sasikumar. She played Ravi Teja’s sister in the Telugu film ‘Sambo Siva Sambo’, which is also remake of ‘Naadodigal’. She has created a hat trick with this latest film.

Abhinaya is also a model of Reddy Labs, GMR, Ohri. She has been doing advertisements from three years of age. She is a self taught dancer and has mastered laptop on her own. She looks like any other normal girl of her age and her parents keep motivating her in all her works.

She was seen at Kanteerava Studios on Monday morning wearing the traditional ‘Landa and Dhavani’ costume. She was there with her parents to be a part of the muhurat of Kannada version of the film ‘Naadodigal’.


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