Losing your mobile phone is one thing, but losing your breakfast? Now, that is something! And it was none other than Abhinav Shukla, or Dev of ‘Geet’, who had to go thorough the agony.

Recently, during the shoot of ‘Geet’, Abhinav, who is fond of eating eggs, was ready with his breakfast. Having left them on the table, he went off to check on something, only to find his eggs missing upon returning.

Apparantly his co-star, the mischievous Drishti Dhami (Geet), along with the other cast members, had hidden the eggs in a pot, and it was only after much hunting and looking for the eggs by Abhinav did they actually reveal the prank.

In her revelation to TellyCafe, Drishti confirmed, “We have a lot of fun on the sets. There is always some or the other prank being played on somebody, and a lot of leg pulling goes on here. We hid the eggs Abhinav was to have for breakfast and had an amazing time enjoying him running around looking for them.”

‘Geet’ is all about a simple Indian girl who marries an NRI, but is left behind at the airport by her husband and in-laws. The show airs on Star One from Monday to Friday at 9.30.


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