Colors show ‘Bhagya Vidhaata’, produced by Shreya Creations, will see the re-entry of Kunwar (Abbas Khan) in the coming episodes. The show is reintroducing his character to disrupt Bindya’s (Richa Soni) life and create more problems.

A source informs, “Due to the shoots of ‘Lapataganj’ (SAB TV), Abbas was bit busy and couldn’t give time to ‘Bhagya Vidhaata’. But now as he was on leave from ‘Lapataganj’, (as Abbas was suffering from skin infection), he is now returning back to ‘Bhagya Vidhaata’. As known, Kunwar is negative character and had created havoc in Bindya’s life, he will be back in action to create more ruckus.”

A well informed source told TellyCafe,” The promos will be aired soon, and in them you’ll see a blurry image of a man playing a flute in Bindya’s dream. This man is none other than Kunwar!”

We contacted Abbas and he confirms the news, “Yes, I will be back in action in ‘Bhagya Vidhaata’ as I was not getting time from ‘Lapataganj’ but now I will manage with day and night shoots.”

Let’s see what more havoc Kunwar creates in Bindya’s life!


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