Aamir Khan, who is one of the illustrious ‘perfectionist’ actors of the Hindi film industry, has, over the years, displayed his skillful enactment of dissimilar characters such as that of a sincere policeman in the much-admired ‘Sarfarosh’ or of a sensitive educator in the adored ‘Taare Zameen Par’ or of an enthusiastic student in ‘3 Idiots’, who points out the flaws in the Indian higher educational system. His performances have been delivered so effortlessly that he has been the recipient of colossal acclaim from a vast number of Indians. ‘Lagaan’, which was nominated to be a part of the final five films for the ‘Best Foreign Film’ Award at the Oscars, was one in which Aamir had acted out the role of a determined Indian villager wonderfully, who motivates and leads an entire cricket squad of amateurs to victory against the imperious British Empire in a cricket match, which eliminates the burden of unjust taxation from the villagers’ shoulders.

However, Aamir has recently voiced that he still finds it hard to penetrate the skin of the characters even subsequent to more than 20 years in Bollywood. He has asserted that he has not yet bumped into a role that could have been enacted easily and that all his roles have been challenging. He has vocalized that it is taxing to infiltrate the psyche of another character since one has lived with one’s traits since birth. When an actor like him is compelled to become another person, it is essential to comprehend the person one is becoming and possess the capability to slip into that character. Therefore, it is not a piece of cake for him, notwithstanding any character that he is enacting.

Aamir Khan’s recent movie, ‘Dhobi Ghat’, has been praised by numerous critics as a movie that would stimulate the intellectuals in the urban Indian audience. Aamir Khan has participated as the male protagonist in several successful Hindi films such as Raja Hindustani, Ishq, Ghajini, etc. He has managed to stay at the top of the hierarchy of Hindi films consistently in the last 15 years, which is emblematic of the proficiency of his acting. His inclination towards perfectionism in acting has generated veneration for him among segments of the Indian entertainment media.


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