Aamir and Salman Khan are the perfect example of being in the right spirit and great frame of mind when it comes to friendship beyond competition.

Both the deadly Khans are known to be the best of buddies and have no airs or attitude coming in between them and not even their professional lives with both having an equal amount of popularity amongst cine lovers has been a hindrance to their genuine love and appreciation of each other.

Thus it was for a role in Dhobi Ghat, a film by Aamir’s wife Kiran Rao that Aamir decided to go to Salman Khan for help.

Now the film where Aamir plays the role of a painter would have had no real life like projection of the character if Aamir did not know the intricacies of painting.

It was then that the perfectionist star decided to get himself coached in the art form, so as to get the hang of the character just right.

So, there was Aamir Khan seeking Salman’s advice on the perfect know how of the art form. Now after the film has been completed and so is the stars first ever painting, reports pouring in suggest that Aamir Khan has decided to gift the painting to his art instructor Salman Khan.

Well, with such mutual respect and adulation for each other these two Khans are truly the perfect example of genuine buddies who have no inhibitions and don’t hesitate to appreciate or help each other whenever they feel like doing, so great going Amir and Salman!

–Sampurn Wire


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