A dance floor is turning into battlefield for TV actors. They are scoring brownie points but in the process also picking up a few injuries.

Zara Nachke Dikha 2 is certainly proving to be a minefield for the contestants. First, Karan Singh Grover injured his back and opted out of the show. Then, Sushant Singh Rajput hurt his hand during rehearsal. News has it that Aamir Ali, too, has joined the list of the injured.

A little birdie from the set informs, “Aamir has injured his chest and hand. He was having difficulty in performing. Worse, the first day of shoot stretched to 22 hours. Aamir had to take pain killers as that was the only way he could have performed.”

One is curious to know whether these injuries occurred during his alleged brawl at Film City with some stranger who banged his car into Aamir’s. Aamir, however, refused to comment on either point.


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