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Washington, May 2: Sarah Jessica Parker has finally opened up about her recent, mysterious Twitter dispute about her twins Marion and Tabitha when she was questioned if the actress was actually the mother of her twins.

'The Sex and the City' star reverted back to the allegations by a woman named Sarah Symonds and told The Edit that could not figure out what that woman hated so much about her that she did that and she just could not imagine anything lower than that, US Magazine reported.

The 49-year-old actress revealed that she kept scrolling on the social networking site and said that Symonds was not subtle at all when she said that her children were not her children.

The American actress asserted that she did not think one could be like that without thinking about what they were saying and other people could be mean, and that was something she just had to make peace with.

Parker added that she was worried before getting engaged in social media. (ANI)

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