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Washington, May 7: The creator of "Palcohol" has defended his latest invention of the powdered alcohol after being criticized and calls to ban the product.

The backlash even led Democratic New York Senator Charles Schumer to call on the US Food and Drug Administration to ban Palcohol, CNet reported.

Creator Mark Phillips has now hit back with a forceful and lengthy video response, offering a demonstration of Palcohol, calling Schumer "completely ignorant about the truth of Palcohol," and describing the politician's press conference and letter to the FDA as "riddled with inaccuracies and irresponsible statements."

Phillips went on to demonstrate how easy it is to just add water and drink directly from the pouch.

He moved on to directly address some of the main criticisms of Palcohol, starting with the suggestion that snorting it could be a great way to get schnockered almost instantly. To the contrary, he said that this would be a long and painful process.

He added that it would take about an hour to snort the entire pouch of Palcohol to get the equivalent of just one drink into your system.

Phillips also debunked the notion that powdered alcohol could be easier to sneak into a venue like a ballpark or movie theater, or to surreptitiously spike a drink with. He points out that the pouch is actually significantly more bulky than a single-serving bottle of liquor. (ANI)

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