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Washington, May 12: Researchers have said that when it comes to engagement at work, where you attended college isn't as important as the experience that one had there.

The new Gallup-Purdue University survey of 30,000 college graduates nationwide found that public school graduates are just as engaged and committed to their work as the not-for-profit private school graduates, the Washington Post reported.

The survey also found that the graduates of public schools also reportedly thrived in all areas of their life as much as not-for-profit private school graduates.

The poll revealed that when referred to overall well-being where people attended college - and how selective was the university - didn't matter significantly.

According to the survey, the higher the loan amount the worse is the person's well-being.

The survey also suggested that job satisfaction was more closely linked to factors like whether a graduate had a mentor in college or a professor who had them excited about learning and whether college prepared them well for life and if they were emotionally attached to their school. (ANI)

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