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London, May 6: A recent poll has revealed that 17 percent of Brits are willing to have sex with an android.

The poll, which was conducted among 2,000 members of the British public to mark the launch of a new sci-fi TV police drama, Almost Human, found that forty-six per cent thought technology was evolving too quickly and undermining traditional ways of life, the Guardian reported.

35 percent were concerned about the use of unmanned military drones, while 42 percent expected to see teachers being replaced by robots in classrooms of the future and more than one in three Britons fear the rise of the machines will threaten the human race.

Martin Smith, professor of robotics at the University of Middlesex, said that while many of us worry about the role of technology and machines in modern society, robots are increasingly being developed for important roles that will help protect and improve our lives. (ANI)

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