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Washington, Apr 19: "Pee on a stick" parties are the latest trend among pregnant women.

Pee parties-also known as POAS, or Pee on a Stick Parties-are the latest way women are taking what was once a very private moment very public, ABC News reported.

What used to be a closely guarded secret until after the first trimester is now being shared online within minutes of seeing one line or two.

The trend was first spotted by

And it's not just a few women who feel the urge to pee on a stick for at-home fertility testing at the same moment, or at least on the same day, as their online friends.

The Soooo ... you want to have a pee party thread is just one of many, most broken out by month. Each thread has dozens of responses from other women who wish to have a pee party.

There are sometimes spreadsheets involved, complete with rules of participation.

The chart has 13 columns dedicated to factors such as ovulation dates, the expected date of "AF" (Aunt Flow, a euphemism for a woman's period), and, of course, the results. (ANI)

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