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Los Angeles, April 23: Late actor Paul Walker, who was popular for his daredevilry acts in movies, liked to live on the edge.

The "Fast And Furious" star, who died in November 2013 following a car accident, was quizzed on being a risk taker before his death, said a statement.

"I think it's one of those things where there's that fine line, and you're trying to find the balance of being in control--but you're really not in control. The way I explain it is, you know that feeling when you've come close to getting in a car accident?

"Your heart's pounding because you just evaded it! It's that moment of being fearful and then realising everything is okay, with your heart racing a mile a minute. It's like, I'm definitely alive now. I love that," said Walker.

Walker will soon thrill his fans with his last complete film "Brick Mansions".

The film will hit the Indian screens April 25.


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