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Washington, April 23: Actor Daniel Franzese has revealed that he is a gay in an open letter that he wrote to his 'Mean Girls' character, Damian.

In the letter, published on IndieWire, he says that Damian was proud of who he was but Franzese was an insecure actor, adding that Damian went on to become an iconic character that people looked up to.

The 35-year-old actor said that he wished that he had Damian as a role model when he was younger and it might have been easier to be gay growing up.

Franzese also confessed to have felt stereotyped and was "terrified" to play 'Damien' in the Lindsay Lohan starrer comedy that he even brought a date to the film's premiere and kissed on the red carpet.

But eventually, his character became his role model, teaching him be proud of himself again and though his friends and family knew the truth, he wants everyone to know who he really is. (ANI)

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