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New York, Apr.18: Indian origin mom Pallavi Dhawan, who resides in Texas, Dallas has reportedly been accused for killing her 10-year-old son and keeping her body in bathtub for 4 days, which she said that she was following Hindu last rites rituals.

Dhawan who packed his son in ice wrote in an affidavit that she did not hurt or kill her son and loved him with all of her heart and never would hurt him in anyway, the New York Daily News reported.

The 38-year-old is now facing murder charges after she admitted to the Frisco police that she had committed the crime.

The Texas mom had mentioned in her affidavit after she realized that her son was dead, she went in a state of shock and wanted only to know who would perform his last rites and therefore, waited for her hubby to come.

Dhawan added that his son's last rites were most imperative and she was not sure if anyone outside the Hindu culture would understand the Hindu belief of rebirth and how important last rites rituals were to allow a soul's next life to be peaceful. (ANI)

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